A Trip to the Hobbycrafts Show

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November 12, 2013 by knitwit19

This past weekend has been about inspiration.  We went up to the Hobbycraft Show at the Birmingham NEC and came back loaded with ideas and craft materials.  Whilst many of our projects come from materials my mum has squirreled away over the years in ‘the white cupboard’, we do sometimes have to buy some extra bits and pieces to top the supply up.  On this occasion we bought black, white and ginger brown felt to make some Christmas tree decorations – more of that in a moment.  We also bought some cardboard rings – for just £1! – to try replicate a heart wreath we saw there.  There is a huge roll of red tartan fabric in the stock pile, given to me when I was doing ‘Calamity Jane’ with my old singing group.  It never got made into cowboy shirts as intended, but is now destined to be turned into hearts to form the Christmassy wreath.  I’ll share photos, as and when it gets made – hopefully in time for this Christmas!

Back to the felt.  My mum has been making felt gingerbread men, and they are so

Felt penguin tree decoration

Little felt penguin tree decoration.

cute.  Having used up all the felt she’d already got, we bought more and I’ve brought some home to have a go to.  We also bought some tiny buttons for eyes and decorations.  The black and white felt is for penguins.  Mum bought a pattern at the show, so we could remember what it looked like, and we’ve both since made one.  You can see mine in these photos.  Essentially they’re just felt shapes, stitched round, stuffed a little with a lovely little yellow heart button as a beak – a nice touch we thought!  Simple but very cute.  I’ll try and make him a friend or two, as well some snowmen and of course the gingerbread men, to add to my tree this year.  Now we’re in the new house, I’m hoping to get a bigger, and real, Christmas tree so will need more decorations to fill it!

Penguin decoration in situ

Not quite a Christmas tree, but festive none the less!

The Hobbycraft Show was a hive of busy crafters, getting & sharing ideas and trying new crafts.  I’ve also come away with a new craft to try but I’ll leave that for another time.  I couldn’t believe how many card making and scrap booking stalls there were.  There was card, stamps, decoupage,  labels, pens – you name it, you got it.  I’ve made cards before, but not like that, and we bypassed most of these with a quick glance, on the look out for anything a bit different.  Alongside the Hobbycraft Show was a show for arts materials and a Crafts for Christmas show.  I looked at getting some pastel pencils for my drawing but was slightly put off by the price.  Might have to go on my Christmas list…  the Crafts for Christmas show was a bit disappointing.  We were expecting things to make for Christmas – cards, decorations, wrapping – but it was all pre-made gifts.  There was the usual food and drink gift – toffee vodka, chutney and the like – and cuddly toys and so on, but no crafts.  Fortunately we’d spent so much time in the other shows, we didn’t have much time for this area anyway, so were quite happy for a quick whiz round then back to the car and a drive home to watch ‘Strictly’!  Mum made a penguin before the evening was out, and I started colouring in some wooden Angel decorations.


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